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Entertainment and activities

There will be something to remember

There is no chance to fell bored. We prepared a full range of activities. The only thing you need is to listen to your heart and choose what you want to do.


Exciting activities at the Club`s territory and in the area

Aquazone and pool

Treat yourself with the most beautiful summer playgrounds, fabulous scenery and exceptional service

Water excursions

Visit a unique church at the water, excursion that brings you unforgettable pleasure.

Do not lose an opportunity to visit a flooded church in the village Gusintsy.

Water cart

Easy to operate, but water skiing with the maximum pleasure


The most famous and advanced kayaks for fishing in the world! You easily fish by foot

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Bicycle tours

Spin the pedals and enjoy the surrounding nature

Drag bike

True “tiger”: powerful but obedient. Select a road, start and enjoy the speed.

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Discover Selfish Club by innovative and very popular vehicle, which can be easily mastered even by a child

Electrical scooter

Fashionable and funny way to explore the territory. With the speed up to 50 km per hour!

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Laser shooting range

Feel yourself at the real gun range.

Those who are real hunters in spirit we invite to our advanced laser shooting range.

Cozy gazebo

All gazebos fitted with a personal grill and all the cooking equipment.

Fire place area

Magical evening near the campfire, where you can sit and enjoy the silence

Football on the grass

Put a team together and enjoy! You can play with any number of people.

Table-top games

Amuse, play, show how smart you are – everything in the open air.


Fast badminton, no net, adjusted racket and birdie. Very dynamically and funny!


Professional karaoke system, huge list of songs. Sing with inspiration and delight.


Organize paintball fights at the special area not far from the Club. Definitely, book in advance.


Enjoy outdoor game playing barefoot on a fresh cut grass

Yamaha Rhino

Just get behind the wheel, start the engine and full steam ahead, without burdening yourself to choose the best road. Indeed, driving such an all-terrain vehicle turns any road into an exciting adventure

Active rest
Name Measure Value, UAH
Laser shooting range (gun, rifle, grenade – launcher) 30 min / 1 sector 1250
30 min / 2 sectors 2500
Visiting the aqua zone from 8.00 till 20.00 for adults - 1 250
for children - 750
Karaoke 1 hour 2 500
Gazebo at the outdoor area 3 hours 1 250
Every next hour 500
Gazebo at the fire place area 3 hours 1 000
Every next hour 250
Grill rent daylight 500
Kettle rent daylight 500
Drag bike 1 hour 750
Giroscooter 1 hour 400
Universal bike 1 hour 350
Bike for children 1 hour 250
Electrical bicycle 1 hour 600
Electrical scooter 1 hour 400
Mini football   free of charge
Speedminton, Frisbee   free of charge
Chess, backgammon, “Monopoly”   free of charge
Table-top games for children   free of charge
Paintball (Pre-order) 1 hour  
SUV Rhino (Yamaha) 1 hour 2 500
SUV Ford (Raptor, 6.2 l) 1 hour 10 000
Water activities
**Water kart (boat with electrical motor) 15 min 500
Kayaks (1 person) 1 hour 300
daylight 1 250
Sun Tracker pontoon (for 9 persons) 1 hour 3 500
Actual prices are represented on the website. Instruction is included. If you need an additional service information – contact our administrator, we will provide you with all the information!

*Accessories are included into renting value (helmet, knee pads, gloves)

* *For the first time in Ukraine from 1st of July 2017


Want to try a dish prepared by the Chef or you prefer to cook the fish you have just caught? To take a break for a quick dinner or enjoy a delicious meal thinking about your day?
You are to decide


Outstanding adventure for your family or a courageous fishing team


What is a vacation without a bathhouse. Our stylish bathhouse will relax your body and bring you in tune with the World

Do you want to experience a precious moment of fishing? To spend time at the fresh air or just relax in sauna after a difficult week? We move heaven and earth to make your rest unforgettable!