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Breathtaking fishing

With night in a houseboats

Outstanding adventure for your family or a courageous fishing team. All you need – is just to come!

Dream journey for you and your friends

Kylov - it is an hour drive from Kiev or 40 minutes by a sailing boat. We have everything to dive you into the world of modern fishing. Our lake is full of beluga and sturgeon, trout, carp, grass carp, trout, pike ... 12 kinds of fish. Moreover, 10 professional boats, outfit and tackle for fishing. Friends and companions will appreciate the romantic houseboats and our water bar.

Fishing at the Dnipro river

With professional guides: emotions, adrenaline, perfect fish rising – it is a paradise for the fisherman – both, the professional or beginner.

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At lakes

Sturgeon, beluga, starlet – trophy fishing at our unique lake will leave unforgettable impressions! Moreover, you have an opportunity to practice carp or pike fishing.

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Winter fishing

Winter is not a reason to stay at home! Spend you weekend at our Club, dive into the world of modern fishing.

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Experienced fishing guides
Fishing service manager
Igor Tikholaz

"Modern fishing is a gambling, dynamic and exciting experience at any age. Our club provides everything needed for professionals or beginners."

Our guides are the best team of experienced anglers including the president of the Fishery Federation of Ukraine!
Our task is to do everything so that you are not only happy about the fishing process but also about the result. Guides know all the best places and ways of catching and will provide any assistance for you to feel comfortable during fishing.
Selfish Club with its professional guides want you to be proud of your success!
Do you want to experience a precious moment of fishing? To spend time at the fresh air or just relax in sauna after a difficult week? We move heaven and earth to make your rest unforgettable!