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Breathtaking fishing

With night in a houseboats

Outstanding adventure for your family or a courageous fishing team. All you need – is just to come!

Dream journey for you and your friends

Kylov - it is an hour drive from Kiev or 40 minutes by a sailing boat. We have everything to dive you into the world of modern fishing. Our lake is full of beluga and sturgeon, trout, carp, grass carp, trout, pike ... 12 kinds of fish. Moreover, 10 professional boats, outfit and tackle for fishing. Friends and companions will appreciate the romantic houseboats and our water bar.

Fishing at the Dnipro river

With professional guides: emotions, adrenaline, perfect fish rising – it is a paradise for the fisherman – both, the professional or beginner.

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At lakes

Sturgeon, beluga, starlet – trophy fishing at our unique lake will leave unforgettable impressions! Moreover, you have an opportunity to practice carp or pike fishing.

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Winter fishing

Winter is not a reason to stay at home! Spend you weekend at our Club, dive into the world of modern fishing.

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Experienced fishing guides
Fishing service manager
Igor Tikholaz

"Modern fishing is a gambling, dynamic and exciting experience at any age. Our club provides everything needed for professionals or beginners."









Volodimir Rebenok




Senior guide
Oleksandr Martunov

Sporting angler, year-round fisheries expert in jig and micro-jig, catching catfish on clonk, catching predatory and non-predatory fish. Experienced in spearfishing. He knows what a beginner needs to succeed in fishing.

"The main thing is to catch the right feeling. Then you get fish rising. All the rest is a matter of skills and we know how to share it."

Victor Tyapko

Expert in heavy jig, 17 years as amateur, 9 years is in the fishing sport. He is a popular author of several books on fishing. He is said to be a great lover of his job.

"You have to learn the process from basics: from the simplest to the most complicated. The result will be faster than you can imagine."

Olexander Kostogryzov

Master on spinning fishing and surfcasting. Used to be a sporting angler (fulfilled CSM standard for jig). His favorite types of fish to catch are sander, perch and pike.

"Being a guide means for me to be a teacher in fishing. It is important not to show your own class but to teach a person to find a "key" to predatory fish, as it is not so easy to catch."

Konstantin Zhuravlev

Sporting angler, and has been catching predatory fish about 20 years. He prefers to catch asp and other white predatory fish. Catfish on clonk, small and medium-jig. Catch pike by plugging.

"Each fishing is a small life, so you have to be confident and high-spirited. And we will take care about technique and tackle."

Volodimir Rebenok Rebenok

Sportfisherman has thirty years of experience. Specialized in a jig fishing, trolling, fishing for catfish on clonk. He is fond of winter fishing.

"Time you have spent on fishing trip is not included into the lifetime. That’s the way we live!"

Oleg Sirenko

Active sporfisherman, since childhood he is fond of catching non-predatory fish on a float and feeder as well as predatory fish on spinning. In Selfish Club he is engaged in logistics services of fishing process.

"Fishing - is a science, which is very interesting to learn. When this knowledge brings positive results like a good catch, the interest is growing even more!"

Do you want to experience a precious moment of fishing? To spend time at the fresh air or just relax in sauna after a difficult week? We move heaven and earth to make your rest unforgettable!