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Beer Island

Unlimited pleasure

This summer the Beer Island has become one of the most beloved locations on the territory of Selfish Club. And this is not surprising because a real paradise oasis for beer lovers has been created here.

The location got its name "Beer Island" for a reason because it is really a separate territory, the entrance to which is allowed only to the true admirers. It is located on the banks of the Dnipro river from where a gorgeous view of the water surface and breathtaking landscapes in the light of the sunset opens. Here you can host a beer party for friends, cook aromatic grilled meat or organize an educational tasting lecture with a beer sommelier.

The beer gazebo is equipped with the latest system of bottom beer pouring thanks to which the drink always stays fresh, cold and keeps a stable foam. In the centre of the building, there is a large tasting table where it is convenient to spend time with your favourite company. There are also lectures, tastings and meetings with a beer sommelier, who will certainly discover new tastes of beer for you.

A speciality of Beer Island is dried smelt with caviar and a special menu contains hits from all over the world that will accompany the beer party in the best possible way.

Now every beer lover can host their own Oktoberfest, enjoy a BBQ with friends or enjoy new discoveries on Beer Island. And all you need is to book your vacation at Selfish Club.

Name Time Cost / UAH
Beer gazebo Mon-Thu 15 000 UAH
Fri-Sun 18 000 UAH
holidays** 21 000 UAH