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Entertainment and activities

There will be something to remember

There is no chance to fell bored. We prepared a full range of activities. The only thing you need is to listen to your heart and choose what you want to do.


Exciting activities at the Club`s territory and in the area


Helicopter flight - whether it is extreme one, excursion or just training,be sure that our qualified pilots will turn it into an adventure that you will remember for a lifetime!

Sports field

Our universal sports field with waterproof and trauma-resistant coating which minimizes the risk of injury from falling

Trip in a all-terrain vehicle Sherp

Sherp is he most passable all-terrain vehicle in the world. It can drive absolutely everywhere - in snow and sand, on ice and water. There is no other car in the world that is capable of this!

Water excursions

Visit a unique church at the water, excursion that brings you unforgettable pleasure.

Do not lose an opportunity to visit a flooded church in the village Gusintsy.

Aquazone and pool

Treat yourself with the most beautiful summer playgrounds, fabulous scenery and exceptional service

Water cart

Easy to operate, but water skiing with the maximum pleasure


The most famous and advanced kayaks for fishing in the world! You easily fish by foot

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Sup board

We offer a walk on the sup - it can be a quiet meditative skating with the opportunity to sunbathe and swim in the Dnipro or active races with friends - it is up to you. 

Laser shooting range

Feel yourself at the real gun range.

Those who are real hunters in spirit we invite to our advanced laser shooting range.

Drag bike

True “tiger”: powerful but obedient. Select a road, start and enjoy the speed.

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Bicycle tours

Spin the pedals and enjoy the surrounding nature


We now have HAGS - the world's best playground. This is a big sports and gaming complex and a guarantee of quality, reliability and safety

Mini golf

Golf is known for more than five centuries and, by now, this game is a great pleasure for everyone who has ever tried to pick up a golf club and hit the ball

Table tennis

Table tennis is one of the most popular sports games in the world. His rules are simple to understand, and the process of the game is very exciting

Electric and bike park

Put a team together and enjoy! You can and ride with any people.

A gazebo on the lake

Сomfortable gazebos for the family, for a big company friends and for corporate active recreation on the Mirror Lake

Fire place area

Magical evening near the campfire, where you can sit and enjoy the silence

Cozy gazebo with barbecue

All gazebos fitted with a personal grill and all the cooking equipment.

Table-top games

Amuse, play, show how smart you are – everything in the open air.

Gazebo with an underwater room

You can visit a unique gazebo with an underwater room in Selfish Club. Both adults and children will be delighted!

Quest Routes

Hiking routes, full of adventures and sights

Active leisure
Additional services
Minigolf 1 game with 1 person 1000 UAH
Universal sports ground for general use  
The closure of the sports ground for the company 1 hour 2500 UAH
Children's sports complex for general use  
Table tennis
for general use  
Animator 1 hour 500 UAH
Vehicle rental
Self-balancing scooter 30 min 250 UAH
1 hour 500 UAH
Electric bike 30 min 500 UAH
1 hour 850 UAH
Sigway 30 min 500 UAH
1 hour 850 UAH
Self-balancing board 30 min 250 UAH
1 hour 450 UAH
Car rental
Yamaha Rhino SUV 1 hour 3500 UAH
Sherp amphibious all-terrain vehicle 30 min 7500 UAH
1 hour 12 000 UAH
Kayak single — 1 hour 800 UAH
double — 1 hour 1000 UAH
Gazebo rental
Gazebo near the grill house № 2,3
(daylight hours)
mon-thu 2100 UAH
fri-sun 2900 UAH
public holiday** 3500 UAH
Gazebo with BBQ № 4,5,6
(daylight hours)
mon-thu 2100 UAH
fri-sun 2900 UAH
public holiday** 3500 UAH
BBQ equipment rental
Brazier, skewers, grill, firewood daylight hours 700 UAH
Cauldron, inventory, firewood daylight hours 700 UAH
Grilling master class with Chef
(by pre-order)
  price depends on the quantity of participants and menu
Canadian Napoleon grill
daylight hours 2100 UAH
Canadian Napoleon grill
daylight hours 3500 UAH
Bonfire zone rental
Bonfire zone with an outdoor TV screen 6 hours 12 000 UAH
daylight hours 21 000 UAH
Walks and excursions on the Dnipro river
Sun Tracker 150
(the price includes guide and fuel services)
30 min 2700 UAH
1 hour 4800 UAH
2 hours 8900 UAH
3 hours 12000 UAH
6 hours 17500 UAH
daylight hours 21000 UAH
Sun Tracker 200New
(the price includes guide and fuel services)
30 min 3500 UAH
1 hour 6000 UAH
2 hours 10500 UAH
3 hours 14000 UAH
6 hours 19000 UAH
daylight hours 24000 UAH
Water sports
SUP board 1 hour 750 UAH
Water electric cart 30 min 1500 UAH
Aqua zone with a summer pool
Aqua zone with a summer pool
(daylight hours)
for adults 1500 UAH
for children under 12 years old 1000 UAH
*payment in uah at the rate of Alfa Bank on the day of payment
**holidays 2020 year 01.–07.01, 19.01, 14.02, 08.03, 19.04, 01–09.05, 07.06, 28.06, 24.08, 14.10, 25.12, 31.12
Actual prices are represented on the website. Instruction is included. If you need an additional service information – contact our administrator, we will provide you with all the information!

Want to try a dish prepared by the Chef or you prefer to cook the fish you have just caught? To take a break for a quick dinner or enjoy a delicious meal thinking about your day?
You are to decide


We can not imagine a vacation without bathhouse. Our stylish sauna will relax your body and bring you in tune with the World


Outstanding adventure for your family or a courageous fishing team