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Fishing at the Club`s lakes

Silence sounds here

Your silence can be broken only by the caught sturgeon. Or beluga. Trout, pike or huge carp. Do not forget to make a picture of your trophy. For additional fee you are may to take your catch home or prepare it in our restaurant.

“Dzerkalne” lake

Golden carp, pike, perch

“Sturgeon” lake

Beluga, sturgeon, sterlet, carp, tench

Even if you a beginner, our three club`s lakes guarantee you a big catch. To catch your trophy you may use spinning, float fishing, feeder and flyfishing, learn new technics and fishing theories. The only thing you need is – to choose if you want to catch an exotic trout and sturgeon or familiar carps, pikes and perches?

Experienced guides

Out guides know how to catch any type of fish and they will share their experience with pleasure.

Equipped fishing docks

There are covered docks available, equipped with all you need, particularly – stoplight, electricity to charge your mobile phone, seats and comfortable shelf.

Fishing tackle

Provided by the Club with a detailed information

Cozy gazebo

All gazebos fitted with a personal grill and all the cooking equipment.

Bar service

You don’t need to break your fishing process if you feel hungry, - as you may receive full and smooth delivery of beverages and snacks from our bar

Unforgettable trophies

There are trout from 1 to 5 kg, 5 types of sturgeon from 3 to 38 kg, trophy pikes and carps, also tench and perch with the weight of more than 1 kg in our lakes

Fishing at the lake
Name Unit Value, UAH
Fishing on the lake "Sturgeon" 1 hour 1 500
Fishing on the lake "Mirror"NEW 1 hour 750
Gazebo at the outdoor area 3 hours 1 200
6 hours 2100
Every next hour 500
daylight hours Mon-Thu / 2 700
Fri-Sun and holidays / 3 000
Gazebo at the fire place area 3 hours 1 200
6 hours 2100
Every next hour 500
daylight hours Mon-Thu / 2 700
Fri-Sun and holidays / 3000
Grill rent daylight 500
Kettle rent daylight 500
An averagegazebo on the lake "Mirror"NEW 3 hours 3 200
6 hours 5 400
Every next hour 1000
daylight Mon-Thu / 6 800
Fri-Sun and holidays / 8 500
A large gazebo on the lake "Mirror"NEW 3 hours 4 500
6 hours 7 800
Every next hour 1500
daylight Mon-Thu / 9 700
Fri-Sun and holidays / 12 000
Gazebo with underwater number * 3 hours 5 700
6 hours 9 800
Every next hour 2000
daylight Mon-Thu / 12 000
Fri-Sun and holidays / 15 000
from 14:00-12:00 the next day 21 000
Rental gear (kit)   500
Fish storage ( 2 days free) 1 kg/ day 30
Fish (vacuum) 1 kg 30
Fish cleaning 1 kg 30
Fish preparing by the chef of the Club 1 kg 300
Beluga 1 kg 2 100
Sturgeon to 5 5 kg 1 kg 800
Oster from 5 kg 1 kg 1 200
Sterlet 1 kg 600
Zander 1 kg 300
Pike 1 kg 200
Tench 1 kg 400
Carp, white amur 1 kg 250
Crucian carp, bream, perch 1 kg 150
Actual prices represented at the website. For individual requests and suggestions, please, call the fishing service + 38/068/205 20 20
* Planned commissioning - September 2018

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With professional guides: emotions, adrenaline, perfect fish rising – it is a paradise for the fisherman – both, the professional or beginner.


Winter is not a reason to stay at home! Spend you weekend at our Club, dive into the world of modern fishing.

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