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Season with character

Winter fishing in our club is even more dynamic and intense than the summer. Every winter, we stock our internal canal with a large trout, and the sturgeon lake of the club continues to actively catch beluga and sterlet on the bottom gear. On the Dnieper, as soon as the ice turns, the perch and pike-perch are excellent.

Sports trout fishing

Gambling for artificial lures on the inland pool of the club. The maximum size is 6 kg

Fascinating fishing for sturgeon

Only on our lake you can catch sturgeon, beluga and sterlet for a special bottom tackle. There are copies up to 22 kg

Fishing for pike and crucian carp

If you are tired of sturgeon and trout - experienced cube guides will arrange a fishing tour for wild Dneprovskaya fish: pike, roach, crucian carp, perch.

Tents for fishing

Protect from bad weather and wind, create comfort and comfort throughout the day

Experienced guides

Provide guidance, give advice on the place and time of catching and provide safety on ice

Modern and catching tackles

Provided by the club along with detailed instructions on catching

Winter fishing
Name Time Value, UAH
Rainbow trout fishing (November-April) 1 hour 1500
Winter fishing trout fishing 1 hour 1500
1 hour (with a tent) 3000
Winter fishing sturgeon 1 hour 2000
1 hour (with a tent) 3500
Name Weight Value, UAH
Fish storage ( 2 days free) 1 kg/ day 30
Fish (vacuum) 1 kg 30
Fish cleaning 1 kg 30
Fish preparing by the chef of the Club 1 kg 300
Beluga 1 kg 2 100
Sturgeon to 5 5 kg 1 kg 800
Oster from 5 kg 1 kg 1 200
Sterlet 1 kg 600
Zander 1 kg 300
Pike 1 kg 200
Tench 1 kg 400
Carp, white amur 1 kg 250
Crucian carp, bream, perch 1 kg 150
Trout up to 2.5 kg (November-April) 1 kg 500
Trout of 2.5 kg (November-April) 1 kg 750
Thanks to the unique design of our houseboats, safe and prey fishing is available for any ice condition, and even with its complete absence! Feel free to book and come for a catch.

No more need to book a “water view” room – all our houseboats . You can get into a boat from your own pier and rush into adventures. Learn more about staying conditions.


With professional guides: emotions, adrenaline, perfect fish rising – it is a paradise for the fisherman – both, the professional or beginner.


Sturgeon, beluga, starlet – trophy fishing at our unique lake will leave unforgettable impressions! Moreover, you have an opportunity to practice carp or pike fishing.

Do you want to experience a precious moment of fishing? To spend time at the fresh air or just relax in sauna after a difficult week? We move heaven and earth to make your rest unforgettable!