World that makes you feel comfortable

Silence. Nature. You.

Just a step out of your cozy room — and nature is hugging you.

Forests, fields, river and fireplace — we have everything the city dweller dreams


True emotions at Selfish Club

Refresh the moment or enjoy the new one!

Epiphany at the Selfish Club

We invite you to spend one of the oldest and full of centuries-old holidays - Epiphany.

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Christmas Holidays at Selfish Club

Winter, and especially the New Year and Christmas holidays, is a time when we all return to childhood, when everything around is saturated with pleasant bustle, great joy and family warmth.

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Wine house

Here you will find wines from classic regions, such as Italy, France, Argentina, Spain, America, the New World, as well as get to know little-known unique wineries, such as Uruguay and Hungary.

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Selfish Club
The best day ever

The most important in life is to forge your own path. To feel and love, to act and make friendship with worthy people. To triumph over difficulties and feel tired of a well-done job. Reward yourself with a clean air breathe, a bird`s singing at a day light. Enjoy fascinating fishing and warm talks with friends, enjoy the taste of fish soup, cooked at the campfire.

No more need to book a “water view” room – all our houseboats. You can get into a boat from your own pier and rush into adventures.

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Great impressions and variety of activities for adults and children are here in our club - you will never be bored!


Outstanding adventure for your family or a courageous fishing team