Great adventure for the whole family or for a courageous fishing company

There are some restrictions on visiting with animals


Fishing is a sport, meditation and competition. This is an opportunity to spend the day with family or in pleasant solitude.

Fishing. For some it is a great passion and a serious hobby, and for some it may seem boring. We manage to change the opinion of the second and only strengthen the love of the first.

For quality fishing in Selfish Club, we purchased a fleet of new boats, including Buster, Lund and Finval, installed the most advanced equipment, built special gazebos and stocked lakes in the club with sturgeon, trout, pike, sterlet and other fish. In addition, the location of the club on the banks of the Dnipro allows guests to try river fishing. And this is an absolutely exceptional experience. 

We have also assembled a team of the best professional fishing guides that will awaken your love for the world of modern fishing, because for them it is a matter of a lifetime!

And another nice opportunity. After fishing, our chefs in the club restaurant will prepare the catch in your favorite way: on the grill, in the smokehouse on fruit sawdust, baked in salt in the oven, in a pan and even cook soup. This dinner will be a very pleasant end to the day.

We are waiting for you on a fishing trip in our club, and we also wish everyone to catch their trophy!

Fishing on the lakes

Selfish Club is an ideal place to immerse yourself in the world of modern fishing. Fishing in club lakes guarantees a catch even for those who are picking up a fishing rod for the first time. Experienced anglers will be able to significantly diversify their professional experience or catch the coveted trophy.

In total, more than 16 species of fish are found in our lakes and canals. In Mirror Lake you can catch carp, pike, perch, pike perch, bream and grass carp. And in sturgeons - beluga, sturgeon, sturgeon, sterlet, platinum sterlet and platinum bester. Another feature of our club is the opportunity to feel the vivid emotions of trophy fishing. Club ponds weigh trout weighing 1 to 5 kg, five species of sturgeon weighing 3 to 54 kg, trophy pike and carp, tench and perch weighing more than a kilogram.

Club lakes are equipped with covered scaffolding and gazebos, equipped with everything you need - a floodlight, electricity to charge the phone and comfortable seats. Therefore, even the rain will not hurt, but only add a special romance.


Fishing on the Dnipro

At Selfish Club, fishing can be not only meditative, but also truly exciting. Extreme, which gives adrenaline and bright emotions - that's how we would describe fishing on the Dnipro. We are sure that both beginners and professionals will get a lot of new experiences from this lesson.

Fishing on the Dnipro is carried out from professional boats Buster, Lund and Finval, on which you can enjoy not only high speed, but also high comfort during the entire fishing process. Our boats are equipped with Yamaha, Mercury and Honda engines. We also took care of the latest technology, including modern sonar, structure scanners and GPS-navigators.

The most desirable "big five" - ​​pike perch, pike, perch, catfish and asp - are found in the vicinity of the club's water area.

WInter Fishing

Winter fishing in Selfish Club is even more dynamic and intense than summer. Imagine that in the cold you can fish right from the terrace of your house, together with friends arranging competitions among themselves. Or in absolute silence to go with a guide to river fishing.

Every year we stock the inner channel with big trout, and on the Sturgeon Lake the club continues to actively catch beluga and sterlet on bottom gear. We also offer you to try gambling on artificial lures. If you want to be even closer to nature, our guides will arrange a tour for wild Dnieper fish - pike, roach and crucian. And as soon as there is ice, in the vicinity of the water area of ​​the club perfectly bites perch and pike perch.

You can fish right from the pier of your house or rent a special tent to protect against bad weather and wind. Our experienced guides will instruct, give recommendations on the place and time of fishing, as well as take care of safety on the ice.


Fishing on club lakes

the price include guide and tackles rental

Sturgeon lake
1 hour (1 guest) 1500 UAH
Mirror lake
1 hour (1 guest) 1500 UAH
Pike fishing in the canal
1 hour (1 guest) 1500 UAH
Trout fishing
1 hour (1 guest) 1500 UAH
Trout fishing with a tent
1 hour (1 guest) 3500 UAH
Winter sturgeon fishing
1 hour (1 guest) 2000 UAH
Winter sturgeon fishing with a tent
1 hour (1 guest) 3500 UAH

Fishing on boats

the price doesn’t include guide and fuel services

Buster Magnumdaylight hours10000 UAH
Lund 1800daylight hours8500 UAH
Finval FishPro 555daylight hours7500 UAH
Tracker Targadaylight hours10000 UAH
Buster XXLdaylight hours8500 UAH
Guide services on the river6 hours / 9 hours / extra hour1500 / 2500 / 500 UAH
Fuel for the boat1 л50 UAH
Tackles rental1 set1000 UAH


Platinum sterlet1 kg4000 UAH
Platinum bester1 kg4000 UAH
Beluga1 kg3500 UAH
Kaluga1 kg2000 UAH
Stellate sturgeon1 kg2000 UAH
Bester1 kg1900 UAH
Trout (up to 2 kg, from 2 kg)1 kg1200 / 1300 UAH
Char1 kg1200 UAH
Sterlet1 kg1500 UAH
Zander1 kg1000 UAH
Pike1 kg600 UAH
Tench1 kg600 UAH
Trophy carp (from 5 kg)1 kg3500 UAH
Carp (up to 5 kg), white amur1 kg450 UAH
Crucian, bream, perch1 kg250 UAH
Fish cooked by club’s chefs1 kg300 UAH

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