A special place on the banks of the Dnipro River


There are some restrictions on visiting with animals


Smoked and salted Selfish fish

Cold-smoked sturgeon100 g650 UAH
Cold-smoked osetr100 g750 UAH
Cold-smoked trout100 g650 UAH
Hot-smoked haddock100 g600 UAH
Cold-smoked salmon100 g650 UAH
Cold-smoked osetr 'kimchi'100 g700 UAH
Slices of cold-smoked trout100 g650 UAH


Canadian pike roe50/30/30 g800 UAH
Red Salmon50/30/20 g1500 UAH
Black Sturgeon30/30/20 g4000 UAH

Cold snacks

Platter of Selfish fish from our own production 550 г 3700 UAH
Mousse with avocado and cheese, especially with lightly salted salmon, arugula, and cherry tomatoes 420 г 900 UAH
Antipasti with Grissini 300 g 900 UAH
Meat home collection 600 g 975 UAH
Plate of exquisite cheeses with honey and fresh fruits 300 g 950 UAH
Assorted bruschetta (roasted pepper with feta, trout, herring, bacon, smoked mackerel) 330 g 590 UAH
Rillettes of rabbit meat with marmalade 150 g 480 UAH
Smoked trout mousse 200 g 470 UAH
Norwegian salmon gravlax 180 g 975 UAH
Eel tartar with fresh cucumber 250 g 820 UAH
Norwegian herring with potato wedges 330 g 400 UAH
Pickles from the cellar 1000 g 880 UAH
Fresh farm vegetables and greens 500 г 590 UAH
Assortment of Greek olives 150 g 340 UAH
Marinated plums using an old-fashioned recipe 200 g 230 UAH
Marinated white mushrooms 180 g 390 UAH
Basturma 75 г 330 UAH
Smoked lard 100 g 250 UAH


Salad with fresh vegetables, quinoa, mango, avocado, and crisp greens in a honey-olive oil dressing 350 g 650 UAH
Salad with fried eggplant, tomatoes, and sesame seeds in a sweet chili unagi dressing 280 г 610 UAH
Salad with shrimp and fruit salsa in a dressing of oyster sauce and sweet chili 275 g 880 UAH
Farmers' salad with seasonal vegetables with sour cream or oil dressing 250 g 350 UAH
Salad with young cabbage, fresh cucumber, and greens with fragrant oil dressing 220 g 300 UAH
Salad with arugula, tomatoes, and burrata cheese 300 g 890 UAH
Salad with avocado, mango, and shrimp with a special twist 250 g 890 UAH
Greek salad 220 g 480 UAH
Arugula salad with cherry tomatoes and avocado, additionally: 220 g 480 UAH
- scallop 100 g 1190 UAH
- shrimp 160 g 620 UAH
- salmon 100 g 550 UAH
- eel 50 g 300 UAH

Hot appetizers

Baked Camembert with fresh strawberries200 g730 UAH
Baked Camembert with pear200 g730 UAH
Fish popcorn Selfish with tartar sauce300 g400 UAH
Baked seafood (choice of sauce: white/tomato)250 g1790 UAH
Zucchini pancakes with cream cheese and lightly salted salmon260 г520 UAH
Shrimp tempura with sauce130 g590 UAH
Wheat tortilla with turkey350 g480 UAH
Wheat tortilla with beef350 g620 UAH
Wheat tortilla with lamb350 g480 UAH


Chicken broth with noodles and greens400 g380 UAH
Mediterranean soup by the chef350 g740 UAH
Fish soup with three types of fish400 g480 UAH
Borscht with veal ribs400 g400 UAH
Green borscht with veal ribs400 g380 UAH
Signature cold okroshka with veal300 g450 UAH

Main dishes

Grilled tiger shrimp with mango, pineapple, and avocado fruit salsa 270 г 1680 UAH
Baked cod with cherry tomatoes, olives, and capers on mashed potatoes with herb oil 300 g 850 UAH
Haddock fillet with Gorgonzola potato croquettes in a cream wine sauce 280 г 920 UAH
Selfish-style fish cakes with mashed potatoes 260 г 520 UAH
Veal tenderloin with white mushroom sauce 370 г 1150 UAH
American beef burger 650 г 1500 UAH

Homemade dumplings

Dumplings with meat according to the classic recipe 250 g 320 UAH
Dumplings with trout 250 g 420 UAH
Dumplings with cabbage 250 g 250 UAH
Dumplings with potatoes and white mushroom topping 300 g 310 UAH


Ribeye 100 g 950 UAH
Filet mignon (tenderloin meat cut from Argentina) 100 g 1400 UAH

Dishes on the grill

Grilled quails from the farm450 g850 UAH
Grilled lavash with basturma, tomatoes, seeds, and farm Sulguni cheese300 g300 UAH
Sturgeon steak100 g650 UAH
Salmon fillet with herbs100 g650 UAH
Grilled shrimp with lemon150 g650 UAH
Lamb rack100 g420 UAH
Veal rack100 g375 UAH
Turkey Lulya Kebab with Sulguni cheese200 g540 UAH
Lamb kebab200 g540 UAH
Chicken shish kebab250/50 g480 UAH
Pork shish kebab with neck100 g350 UAH
Lamb shish kebab with fat tail150 g500 UAH
Veal shish kebab100 g520 UAH
Sauces (Sweet chili, Satsebeli, Tomato with herbs, Tkemali, Tartar, BBQ, Ketchup, Mustard, Mayonnaise)50 g90 UAH

Side dishes

Steak with young cabbage 250 g 300 UAH
Young potatoes with greens 250 g 300 UAH
Boiled or fried asparagus 150 g 520 UAH
Grilled vegetables 600 g 520 UAH
Smoked corn 250 g 180 UAH
Steamed rice 150 g 150 UAH
Grilled potatoes with cracklings 250 g 220 UAH
Fried potatoes with porcini mushrooms 150 g 280 UAH
Mashed potatoes 150 g 220 UAH


Pasta Carbonara450 g560 UAH
Farfalle pasta with rabbit in white sauce400 g680 UAH

Bread basket

Bread according to old recipes from wheat and rye flour400 g270 UAH


Chocolate fondant 205 г 350 UAH
Apple strudel with cinnamon, served with ice cream 225 г 300 UAH
Napoleon 150 g 300 UAH
Fruit and berry platter 200 g 525 UAH
Selfish ice cream with berry confit 220 g 300 UAH
Assorted Italian ice cream/sorbet 50 g 200 UAH
Ice cream in a jar 125 г 300 UAH

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