For many, a dog is not just a pet, but a best friend and a true family member, without whom it is impossible to imagine a vacation. We have created the conditions for your four-legged friends to always be near and safe while you spend time in our club.

Visiting the main area of ​​Selfish Club with dogs is prohibited, as we strive to make absolutely every guest as comfortable as possible during the rest of the club. We love animals, so we built a cozy mini-hotel for them, where you can place your pet. The hotel has a separate room with a mat, food, water and a playground, and your pet will always be closely monitored by a regular instructor. At any time you can see a four-legged.

We will make sure that your four-legged friend has a good time and warms his nose in the fresh air.

Conditions for placing dogs in a mini-hotel

1. In our hotel we can only accommodate dogs of small and medium breeds (5-10 kg).

2. The hotel reserves the right to determine whether the pet can stay.

3. The hotel accepts only healthy dogs that do not show signs of infectious and other infectious diseases, as well as exacerbation of chronic non-communicable diseases (which require the presence of the owner for treatment).

4. Animals must be made in advance:

- preventive vaccinations with a complex vaccine - once a year (but not later than 2 weeks before arrival);

- deworming (treatment against worms) - at least once every six months;

- treatment against fleas and ticks no later than one week before arrival and valid for the entire period of stay at the hotel.

5. When booking a place, it is necessary to provide photocopies of the veterinary passport with notes on vaccination and treatment against helminths, fleas and ticks, upon arrival, the original veterinary passport is required.

If you follow these simple rules, the risk of emergencies in our conditions is minimal.

Проживання 1 собаки в окремому номері 1 доба 1000 грн

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