Rest does not tolerate fuss. We made sure that you step into the atmosphere of absolute relaxation as you cross the threshold

The private residence is a large private area with a spacious two-storey house on the water and many completely unique spa areas. We offer the opportunity to fully rent a house equipped with six rooms, as well as to book separate bath ceremonies and procedures.

Inside the house, on the ground floor, there is an Italian dry floating, thanks to which you will plunge into a state of weightlessness and complete peace, a German wooden steam extra class, a hammam created with modern design and taking into account advanced technologies, and a spa room where you can enjoy massage from professionals.

On the street, among the firs, there is a New Zealand wood-fired tub with herbs for connoisseurs of outdoor treatments and a unique bath "in gray", built entirely of Finnish wood KELO.

All specialists of the residence are high-level professionals. Everyone who will be with you during bath procedures or massages has received a professional education. Each specialist is unique in their approach and can provide advice on Ayurveda, self-training, Slavic studies and other practices to work with your physical body, mind and soul, which will help you fully immerse yourself in a state of balance and tranquility.

In addition, the complex has a large gazebo with terrace and a professional kitchen. Cook yourself or use the services of our chefs - we have created all the conditions for your holiday to be associated only with the highest comfort.

If you want to take a break, break away from everyday life and slow down, spend a weekend in our private residence - this is the best solution.

Dual-zone wood-burning steam

Double-zone wood-burning steam room is designed for a comfortable stay of up to 12 guests at a time. The steam room has two special stoves from the German company Fire Tube. These furnaces give extra class steam!

The steam room is conditionally divided into two parts: in the first two comfortable deckchairs on which professional bath procedures are carried out are established. In the second zone there is a warm-up ceremony with self-training, breathing exercises and relaxation using the sound vibration of the gong. Leaving the steam room, you can use the shower, waterfall, ice maker and indoor and outdoor baths.

Finnish KELO sauna

The concept of a professional bath "in gray" is realized in a separate house. It is made entirely of special KELO wood imported from Finland. These are specially selected tree trunks that have dried in the forest naturally and in a harsh climate have retained their shape and special quality. Their age is over 100 years.

In the middle of the bath there is a special stove "gray", which allows you to heat the room well and get soft steam without soot, soot and other unaesthetic attributes, as in the bath "black".

New Zealand vat

In the yard, among the fluffy spruces, there is a vat that is burning firewood and specially brought from New Zealand. Its internal parts are made of the highest quality stainless steel - a material that fully ensures the aesthetic and hygienic safe use of the product.

Guests are immersed in water with an infusion or decoction of herbs, flowers, bark, fruits or leaves. In the tub, your body relaxes, the flow of thoughts slows down. Steaming in a tub is a great way to get healthy.

Italian floating Zerobody

Dry Zerobody floating provides complete relaxation of body and mind without direct contact with water. The structure is created in the form of a bed and filled with a special salt solution. Automatic control of the system allows you to individually adjust to the guest and allows the body to "float" in weightlessness.

The water mattress is heated to body temperature, and the lighting, with the effect of color therapy and meditation audio system, guarantee complete relaxation. By closing your eyes and entrusting your body to water, you will feel free from stress and worries.


Hammam is built with advanced technology and provides the right and harmonious combination of temperature and steam throughout the process.

We can offer both individual procedures in the hammam and full-fledged rituals, such as traditional Turkish, Moroccan or Slavic.

Massage cabinet

We have combined a scientific and philosophical approach that incorporates the best practices of Eastern and Western therapeutic philosophy to offer the best opportunities to enjoy a variety of massage techniques and improve psycho-emotional state.

Stone therapy, classic, sports, Thai, gouache or buckwheat massage - you can choose the kind you are used to or try something completely new. Our masters have learned from the best in their field and are well versed in many techniques.

Basic bath services

payment in uah at the commercial rate on the day of payment

Finnish KELO sauna
3 hours; 1 guest; 1 specialist700 €
Day bath ceremony
3 hours; up to 6 guests; 2 specialists800 €
Evening bath ceremony № 1
3 hours; up to 6 guests; 2 specialists1000 €
Evening bath ceremony № 2
3 hours; up to 8 guests; 3 specialists1200 €
Evening bath ceremony № 3
3 hours; up to 12 guests; 4 specialists1500 €
Additional specialist
3 hours200 €
Extra guest
3 hours200 €
Time for day bath services from 11:00 to 14:30, for evening bath services from 17:00 to 21:00. The price includes: a choice of steaming procedure in a two-zone steam room, scrubbing, bath accessories, drinks and refreshments.

Additional bath services

payment in uah at the commercial rate on the day of payment

New Zealand vat
2 hours; up to 4 guests350 €
Italian floating Zerobody
20 / 30 min; 1 guest100 / 120 €
Procedures in hammam
45 / 60 min; 1 guest200 / 250 €
45 / 60 min; 1 guest120 / 150 €
1 procedure100 €


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