Your special SPA-program in Selfish Club

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Your special SPA-program in Selfish Club

The club’s specialists have created for you carefully thought-out and very special SPA-programs, thanks to which you will be completely immersed in the atmosphere of calm and restore the inner energy. Whatever the occasion, you will find exactly what you are looking for!

Book a full day at the SPA, during which you will meet a variety of procedures - from self-training in the steam room to dry floating, devoting the day only to yourself. Our masters have created a romantic SPA tour which is divided into day and evening programs: the first will give strength to the whole day, and the second - to relax as much as possible before going to sleep. In addition, we prepared a bath program for women, which emphasized the aesthetic component. Peeling, foam massage, wraps and many more pleasant things are waiting for you and your friends.


A day at the SPA in an atmosphere of tranquility, when you can dedicate time to yourself. Composition designed for true connoisseurs of SPA. Procedures are aimed at comprehensive action on the body by temperature, cleansing procedures and professional massage.

The program includes: body healing in the steam room; thermal treatments to choose - neck massage areas on the massage chair (mechanical or manual); lunch break; warm-up; massage of choice (Thai, stone, SPA, classic, and others); dry floating Zerobody.

The cost of the program
1-4 guests (1-4 specialists) • 6 hours1000 / 1400 / 1800 / 2200 €


SPA tour for couples is an opportunity to spend time together, relax and recuperate. Tour includes one night stay in a private residence including evening and morning SPA programs.

The evening program includes: warming up with leaf brooms in the bath; sound therapy with using a gong; master class of soaring with brooms in a steam bath (guests spend short procedure to each other); tea party with jam prepared in the club; for the man - steaming with brooms in a bath, for the woman - scrubbing and wrapping in hammam; body, head, and foot massages for 2 hours (European and oriental massage techniques); romantic dinner with aphrodisiacs by candlelight from Chef.

The morning program includes a light healthy breakfast for two; heating in the bath or hammam; steaming through a sheet; contrasting rubbing with ice chips through sheet; refreshing tea (herbal tea collection); bamboo massage brooms; Thai foot massage; dry floating Zerobody.

Romantic SPA tour
1 couple / 2 couples • 1 day3700 / 4100 €
Evening program (without accommodation)
1 couple / 2 couples • evening1200 / 1600 €


Bath SPA program for women. Emphasis is placed on a variety of procedures with aesthetic component, short in time and using natural aromatic cosmetics.

The program includes: general warm-up in a bath with a gong; aromatherapy in the bath and hammam; waving a fan in the bath and hammam; filling with energy from the sound waves of the gong and complete relaxation of the body; respiratory therapy according to the methods of ancient yogis and modern physical and respiratory therapy; gentle steaming in the bath; contrast procedures; procedures in hammam (peeling, scrub, foam massage, wraps); massages (choice: head, feet, moisturizing, bamboo brooms, lymphatic drainage, facial massage); hydration body with thermal water; skincare with natural massage oil with best cosmetic brands; tea with treats; sound-vibration processing of chakras with shamanic gong.

The cost of the program
day (up to 8 guests) / evening (up to 6 guests) • 3-3.5 hours1000 / 1200 €

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