A summer that never ends. Sounds like a dream. But we would not be us if we did not realize any, even the boldest desires

Nature, naturalness, juiciness. These are the words we would use to describe our beautiful summer island, which is located on the territory of the club.

In the young garden you will be immersed in a diverse world of very rare fruits and berries, specimens of which have been selected around the world by professionals in this field. In addition to the usual apricots, apples or raspberries you can see goji, actinidia, barberry, kiwi and many other plants. In the greenhouse grow atypical fruits for local latitudes which are usually delivered to our country from distant countries. These are limes, lemons, kumquats, avocados, figs, carambola, lemons and other exotic fruits.

So that you do not get lost in this variety we will be happy to tell you about all the plants on the most interesting tour. In addition, a walk in the garden and greenhouse - it's also aromatherapy, and a relaxation session, and a great location for photos.

The most pleasant thing we saved for the end. From all the berries and fruits that you can collect both on your own and with our help, we will prepare a healthy fresh, nutritious smoothie or a full breakfast in the green Fresh Bar.

Restore energy, fill yourself with vitamins and immerse yourself in a little summer and we will do everything to make your vacation comfortable!

3D tour


Filled, saturated, bright. This is how we see life. Explore familiar things from a different angle and always try something new. That's how we want to live it. Fill your everyday life with unforgettable moments, and we will help you with that.

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