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Сaprano Antica Formula, Italy100 ml330 UAH
Cucielo di Torino Bianco, Italy100 ml300 UAH
Cucielo di Torino Rosso, Italy100 ml300 UAH
Cocchi Di Torino Dry, Italy200 ml500 UAH
Campari, Italy100 ml240 UAH
Lilet Blanc, Italy100 ml200 UAH
Lilet Rose, Italy100 ml200 UAH
Aperol, Italy100 ml200 UAH
Grey Goose, France50 ml170 UAH
Staritsky & Levitsky Private Cellar, UA50 ml380 UAH
Staritsky & Levitsky Reserve, UA50 ml150 UAH
Staritsky & Levitsky Distil № 9, UA50 ml110 UAH
Belvedere, Poland50 ml200 UAH
Absolut in assortiment, Sweden50 ml100 UAH
Finlandia in assortiment, Finland50 ml100 UAH
Pisco / Cachaça
Сachaca Germana Classica, Brazil50 ml200 UAH
Moai Reservado, Capel Chile50 ml190 UAH
Bric del Gaian 2010, Berta, Italy50 ml815 UAH
Nibbio, Berta, Italy50 ml300 UAH
Valdavi, Berta, Italy50 ml300 UAH
Monpra, Berta, Italy50 ml300 UAH
Sant Antone, Berta, Italy50 ml300 UAH
Bombay Sapphire, UK50 ml180 UAH
Hendrick’s Amazonia, UK50 ml370 UAH
Hendrick’s Orbium, UK50 ml360 UAH
Hendrick’s Lunar, UK50 ml360 UAH
Hendrick’s Flora Adora, UK50 ml360 UAH
Hendrick’s, UK50 ml320 UAH
Tanqueray London Dry, UK50 ml150 UAH
Tanqueray № TEN, UK50 ml250 UAH
Tanqueray Blackсurrant Royale, UK50 ml170 UAH
Tanqueray Flor De Sevilla, UK50 ml170 UAH
Gin Lane 1751, Victoria Pink, UK50 ml180 UAH
Monkey 47, Germany50 ml350 UAH
Magellan, France50 ml180 UAH
Plymouth Original Strength Dry Gin, UK50 ml250 UAH
Le Gin Calvados Cask, Christian Drouin, France50 ml270 UAH
Fino Cask Rare Dry Gin, Valdespino Rare Spirit, Spain50 ml400 UAH
FEW Barell Aged Gin, USA50 ml300 UAH
Nikka Coffey Gin, Japan50 ml310 UAH
Knut Hansen50 ml250 UAH
Tequila & mezcal
Padre Azul Blanco, Mexico50 ml530 UAH
Padre Azul Reposado, Mexico50 ml560 UAH
Padre Azul Anejo, Mexico50 ml590 UAH
Gran Patron Platinum50 ml880 UAH
Gran Patron Anejo50 ml350 UAH
Gran Patron Reposado50 ml320 UAH
Gran Patron Silver50 ml300 UAH
Don Julio Anejo Reserva50 ml470 UAH
Don Julio Reposado50 ml440 UAH
Don Julio Blanco50 ml420 UAH
Sierra Milenaro Fumado50 ml300 UAH
El Jimador Blanco 100% Agave50 ml240 UAH
Montelobos Espadin Organico50 ml280 UAH
Zacapa XO, Guatemala50 ml1020 UAH
Zacapa Harmonia50 ml670 UAH
Zacapa 23, Guatemala50 ml520 UAH
Don Papa 10 YO, Philippines50 ml980 UAH
Don Papa MassKara, Philippines50 ml570 UAH
Matusalem Gran Reserva 23 YO, Dominican Republic50 ml480 UAH
Matusalem Insolito Wine Cask Finish, Dominican Republic50 ml250 UAH
Abuelo Oloroso Sherry
Cask Finish 15 YO, Panama
50 ml490 UAH
Plantation Barbados XO
20th Anniversary, France
50 ml340 UAH
Plantation Overproof 69%, France50 ml210 UAH
Plantation Xaymaca, France50 ml240 UAH
Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva, Venezuela50 ml350 UAH
Diplomatico Planas, Venezuela50 ml230 UAH
Kraken Dark Spiced, USA50 ml260 UAH
Bumbu XO, Panama50 ml350 UAH
Botafogo Spiced Gold, Canary Islands50 ml200 UAH
Angostura 1824, Trinidad50 ml370 UAH
Angostura Reserva, Trinidad50 ml180 UAH
Angostura Tamboo, Trinidad50 ml250 UAH
Irish Whisky  
The Pogues, Ireland50 ml160 UAH
Jameson, Ireland50 ml170 UAH
Asian Whisky  
Nikka Taketsuru 17 YO, Japan50 ml2000 UAH
Nikka From The Barrel, Japan50 ml390 UAH
Kavalan, Taiwan50 ml400 UAH
American Whiskey  
Jack Daniel’s Old № 7, USA50 ml150 UAH
Jack Daniel`s Tennessee Apple, USA50 ml180 UAH
Jack Daniel`s Tennessee Honey, USA50 ml180 UAH
Jack Daniel’s Single Barell, USA50 ml280 UAH
Bulleit 10, USA50 ml230 UAH
Bulleit Rye, USA50 ml250 UAH
Maker’s Mark, USA50 ml220 UAH
Jim Beam Double Oak, USA50 ml190 UAH
Woodford Reserve ,USA50 ml250 UAH
Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky  
The Macallan Collection  
The Macallan Triple Cask 12 YO50 ml490 UAH
The Macallan Double Cask 15 YO50 ml830 UAH
The Macallan Double Cask 18 YO50 ml1950 UAH
The Macallan Rare Cask50 ml2000 UAH
The Macallan Reflexion700 ml90000 UAH
The Macallan №6700 ml130000 UAH
The Macallan M700 ml210000 UAH
Glenmorangie Collection  
Glenmorangie Signet 21 YO50 ml1450 UAH
Glenmorangie 18 YO50 ml900 UAH
Glenmorangie Lasanta 12 YO50 ml410 UAH
Glenmorangie Quinta Ruban 14 YO50 ml430 UAH
Glenmorangie Allta50 ml450 UAH
Glenmorangie Nectar D’Or 12 YO50 ml500 UAH
Glenmorangie The Original 10 YO50 ml370 UAH
Glenfidich Collection  
Glenfidich 23 YO Gran Cru Cuvee Cask Finish50 ml2700 UAH
Glenfidich 21 YO Gran Reserva50 ml1300 UAH
Glenfiddich 18 YO50 ml900 UAH
Glenfiddich 15 YO50 ml550 UAH
Dalmore 12 YO50 ml460 UAH
Clynelish 14 YO50 ml430 UAH
Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky  
Lagavulin Double Matured 200550 ml850 UAH
Lagavulin 16 YO50 ml650 UAH
Talisker 10 YO50 ml370 UAH
Laphroaig 10 YO50 ml440 UAH
Rock Island 10 YO50 ml330 UAH
Isle of Jura 10 YO50 ml340 UAH
Scottish Blended Whisky  
Chivas Regal 25 YO50 ml2400 UAH
Chivas Regal 18 YO50 ml560 UAH
Chivas Regal 12 YO50 ml310 UAH
Naked Malt50 ml220 UAH
Monkey Shoulder50 ml300 UAH
Monkey Shoulder Smoke50 ml320 UAH
Liqueurs & digestives
Amaro Del Capo Riserva, Italy50 ml350 UAH
Amaro Del Capo, Italy50 ml140 UAH
Amaro Nonino Quintessentia, Italy50 ml250 UAH
Amaro Montenegro, Italy50 ml140 UAH
Amarone Disaronno, Italy50 ml120 UAH
Fernet Branca, Italy50 ml140 UAH
Italicus, Italy50 ml300 UAH
Frangelico, Italy50 ml150 UAH
Crema di Melone, Italy50 ml160 UAH
Crema di Pistaccio, Italy50 ml160 UAH
Liquere di Fragoline Bosco, Italy50 ml160 UAH
Limoncello Strega, Italy50 ml200 UAH
Jagermeister, Germany50 ml120 UAH
Kilchoman Bramble Liqueur, Scotland50 ml200 UAH
Killepitch, Germany50 ml150 UAH
Tatratea, Slovakia50 ml150 UAH
Chartreuse Yellow, France50 ml280 UAH
Chartreuse Green, France50 ml280 UAH
Amarula Cream, South Africa50 ml150 UAH
Baileys, Ireland50 ml120 UAH
Amarula Cream, SAR50 ml150 UAH
Grand Marnier, France50 ml190 UAH
St. Germain, France50 ml200 UAH
Domaine De Canton, USA50 ml230 UAH
Heering Cherry Liquer, Denmark50 ml170 UAH
Pama, USA50 ml180 UAH
Kahlua, Mexico50 ml120 UAH
Drambuie, UK50 ml150 UAH
Licor 43, Spain50 ml100 UAH
Song Cha Earl Grey / Rooibos, France50 ml180 UAH
Galliano, Italy50 ml160 UAH
Cognac and brandy
Hennessy XO50 ml1600 UAH
Hennessy VSOP50 ml520 UAH
Remy Martin XO “Excellence”50 ml1200 UAH
Jean Fillioux 16 ans d’age50 ml1500 UAH
Courvoisier VSOP50 ml480 UAH
Martell XO50 ml1500 UAH
Martell VSOP50 ml450 UAH
Martell VS50 ml350 UAH
Torres Alta Luz50 ml390 UAH
Torres 10 Gran Reserva50 ml200 UAH
Cognac & brandy
Armagnac Castarede VSOP50 ml500 UAH
Calvados Coeur de Lion Pays d’Auge XO50 ml610 UAH
Homemade strong drinks
Yablukav50 ml200 UAH
Hrenovuha50 ml150 UAH
Limoncello50 ml150 UAH
Vyshnivka50 ml150 UAH
Oblepihivka50 ml150 UAH
Signature liqueurs and infusions in bottles
Yablukav200/500 ml2000/3000 UAH
Hrenovuha500 ml2000 UAH
Oblepihivka500 ml2000 UAH
Hofbrau Original, Grermany 330/500 ml 150/190 UAH
Hofbrau Weiss, Grermany 330/500 ml 150/190 UAH
Bottled beer
Corona Extra, Mexico330 ml140 UAH

Leffe Blonde/Brune, Belgium

330 ml140 UAH
Ayinger pils/dunkel, Germany330 ml180 UAH
Ayinger brauweisse, Germany500 ml180 UAH
Warsteiner Fresh 0%, Germany330 ml170 UAH
Beer of the week selected by our sommelier
Lervig «Pilsner» 4,7%, Norway
Lervig's Pilsner, from a renowned Norwegian brewery, is a refreshing, light beer crafted for a broad audience of beer enthusiasts. Its delicate malty character is complemented by floral notes, delivering a clean and fresh taste.
330 ml 230 UAH
Lervig «Nitro Stout» 4,7%, Norway
Nitro Stout is a dry Irish stout brewed with a nice hop balance. Nitrogen is released upon opening the can, creating a smooth taste combined with a dry yet rich profile. Easy-drinking yet full-flavored, Lervig Nitro stout will satisfy your dark desires.
440 ml 270 UAH
Lervig «3 Bean Stout» 12%, Norway
3 Bean is a robust stout aged for 13 months in bourbon barrels, boasting a pronounced aroma of vanilla and cocoa. Its flavor is complex, bold, strong, and dense.
330 ml 400 UAH
Omnipollo «Pleroma Karpologi» 6%, Belgium
A sour ale with intense fruity flavors of pineapple, peach, marshmallow, and creme brulee, brewed with the addition of lactose and crushed vanilla pods.
330 ml 450 UAH
Baladin «Terre» 13,5%, Italy
This beer is dedicated to great red wines and is aged in barrels from large red wine producers in Italy. It has a wonderful aroma with notes of marzipan, baked fruits, sweet caramel, and chocolate. The taste captivates with its balance and richness. A chocolatey aftertaste provides unforgettable sensations.
500 ml 1900 UAH
Soft drinks
Rocchetta Naturale Still, Italy500/1000 ml120/200 UAH
S.Pellegrino Sparkling Water, Italy250 ml140 UAH
Nabeglavi sparkling mineral, Georgia500 ml100 UAH
Mors / Uzvar / Compote250 ml70 UAH
Jaffa juices250 ml80 UAH
Coca-Cola / Sprite / Fanta / Pepsi250 ml80 UAH
Thomas Henry Tonic Water200 ml130 UAH
Fever Three Tonic Water200 ml130 UAH
Fentimans Tonic Water200 ml150 UAH
Red Bull250 ml130 UAH
Drink Waters, medicinal, Austria470 ml300 UAH
Сlassic Selfish300 ml160 UAH
Cream Soda300 ml180 UAH
Raspberry Mint300 ml180 UAH
Tarhun300 ml160 UAH
Simply Pear300 ml160 UAH
Violet Strawberry300 ml160 UAH
Milkshake300 ml200 UAH
Fresh juice
Orange250 ml160 UAH
Grapefruit250 ml200 UAH
Citrus250 ml200 UAH
Apple250 ml140 UAH
Carrot250 ml140 UAH
Celery250 ml160 UAH
Pineapple250 ml440 UAH
Tea & coffee
Premium leaf and herbal teas collection750 ml180 UAH
Branded teas based on fresh fruits and berries250/750 ml100/210 UAH
Tea based on sea buckthorn berries, with the addition of coriander and star anise250/750 ml100/210 UAH
Berry tea based on blackberries, raspberries and blueberries250/750 ml100/210 UAH
Espresso30 ml80 UAH
Americano125 ml80 UAH
Cappuccino240 ml110 UAH
Flet White240 ml160 UAH
Latte Macchiato260 ml120 UAH
Matcha latte260 ml200 UAH
Doppio260 ml100 UAH
Cacao260 ml100 UAH
Decaffeinated coffee30/260 ml100 UAH
Capuorange260 ml160 UAH
Frappe260 ml160 UAH
Espresso Tonic250 ml200 UAH
Filtered Coffee200 ml120 UAH
Organic coffee
Matcha latte260 ml220 UAH
Latte Macchiato260 ml220 UAH
Cappuccino240 ml220 UAH

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