A special place on the banks of the Dnipro River


There are some restrictions on visiting with animals



Breakfast № 1
Scrambled eggs with bacon and grilled sausages, fresh vegetables and quinoa; pancakes with cheese and sour cream; tea or filtered coffee
250/100/100/150 g675 UAH
Breakfast № 2
Scrambled eggs, French toast with orange zest, fresh vegetables, quinoa; cottage cheese pancakes with sour cream; tea or filtered coffee
220/150/50 g675 UAH
Breakfast № 3
Bowl: baked pumpkin, baked apple, nuts, raisins, honey; cottage cheese pancakes with sour cream; tea or filtered coffee
150/150/50/80 g575 UAH
Dietary oatmeal with milk or water200 g180 UAH
Cold oatmeal with berries and almond milk150 g280 UAH
Cheese pancakes with sour cream and jam150/100 g350 UAH
Pancakes250 g200 UAH
Pancakes with homemade cheese, jam and sour cream150/100 g325 UAH
Benedict eggs with bacon and dutch sauce200/100 g340 UAH
Selfish style benedict eggs with light-salted trout and dutch sauce275 g575 UAH
Fried eggs with bacon320 g330 UAH
Shakshuka fried eggs350 g280 UAH
Farm chicken broth with noodles and greens400 g300 UAH
Grill cheese sandwich200 g250 UAH
Croque Madame sandwich450 g500 UAH
Honey bread toast with avocado, trout and poached egg250 g580 UAH

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